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Real Cut 1D with angles

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Real Cut 1D is a computer program used for obtaining optimal cutting designs of one dimensional pieces which might have angles different of 90 degrees at their extremities.

Real Cut 1D can be used for cutting linear pieces such as Bars, Pipes, Beams, Tubes, Steel bars, Roof profiles, Balustrade, Fence bars, Timber Frames, Aluminium profiles, PVC profiles, Nylon profiles, Bridge Rails, Universal Columns, Window frames etc. Real Cut 1D generates optimal solutions using the minimum quantity of materials.

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Online Videos

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Online help

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  • Pieces to be cut can have angles different of 90 degrees at their extremities. A lot of material can be saved by properly matching  2 pieces having sharp extremities. For instance, if you match 2 pieces having 45 degrees at their extremities you will save as much as the height of the pieces.

  • Fractional input. Parts and bars can be entered either as real numbers (such as 100.5) or as fractional values (100 1/2)

  • Compute the cutting order - which is very important if the extremities have angles different of 90 degree. If all angles have 90 degrees the cutting order is not important.

  • Any number of pieces in the Stock and Parts - virtually no limit for the number of pieces that you want to optimize.

  • Any size less than 2 billion units- the size of the pieces is limited by the size of the data types introduced by the C++ language.

  • Any measurement metric- The way in which you introduce the data is a general one. You don't have to specify a metric. Just choose a metric in your mind and enter all data using that metric only.

  • Adjustable cutting blade thickness.

  • Adjustable optimization level- One may specify how many layouts to be generated before the solution is outputted. If you don't have too much time and you don't have a good computer you may set the Optimization Level to a low level. This feature helps you to run your program on any kind of computer (from 486 to the best processors available today)

  • DXF export - obtained layouts can be exported to AutoCAD dxf format.

  • Reduces panel waste and costs - By using the latest achievements in the field of Artificial Intelligence you may obtain reduce the waste.

  • Automatic offcuts handling - the useful waste is automatically added to the Stock of materials.

  • Printing the obtained layouts - on any printer.

  • Printing multiple layouts on the same page - this will save a lot of paper.

  • Printing the Stock and the Parts of the customer - you may print the pieces that you want to optimize.

  • Graphical and text display of the obtained results.

  • The cuttings are shown in text format which can be easily adapted for use to a CNC machine.

  • Copy-Paste from Excel - select some data from excel, click on a cell in Demand or Inventory and then press Ctrl+V.

  • Statistics related to the current cut / layout- At the end of the optimisation process you will have access to the: cuttings definition (starting and ending point), number of waste pieces, the waste pieces, number of utilized pieces, the placement of the utilized pieces, used length, ...

  • Load data from *.xml (specific files), *.xls, *.csv (Excel files).

  • Automatically computing of the order price

  • The Stock and the Parts can be sorted - by using various criteria: Length, Width, Quantity, Material, Rotation, Labels etc

  • Maximises productivity saves time and money ....

  • Data can be exported into very popular formats: Word, Excel, and XML files.

  • All panels and table's columns are resizable - You may customize the workspace. The new positions are automatically stored.

  • Very fast running time - Solutions are obtained within seconds.

  • Win32 native application. No dependencies required.

  • Single file application. You can move a single file to a new computer and it will run without installation.

  • Very efficient written. .exe has about 5 MB and the installation kit just over 1 MB.

  • Desktop application. You are in control of your data. You do not risk loosing data if some distant server fails. You can run the application without problems even if the internet is not working.

  • Interface in multiple languages

Price & Buy:

(For 1 (one) company; VAT not included.)

Real Cut 1D - 1 license (1 user, 1 computer) 40 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 2 licenses 60 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 3 licenses 90 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 4 licenses 120 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 5 licenses 150 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 6 licenses 180 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 7 licenses 210 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 8 licenses 240 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 9 licenses 270 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 10 licenses 300 Euro
Real Cut 1D - pack of 20 licenses 500 Euro

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