Exporting Sketchup models

This plug-in is for FREE and we offer no warranty for it.

For improving it please send us an email to contact@optimalprograms.com.

- version 1.6.1 -

Sketchup is a program for designing 3D models. By using it one can rapidly draw objects like furniture, buildings and other 3D structures.

We created a plugin which export the size of pieces from a Sketchup model to Cutting Optimization pro and to Simple Cutting Software X.

For exporting the models created with Sketchup please follow the steps:

  1. Download the Sketchup plugin from:

    www.optimalprograms.com/cut.rbz (for a newer version of Sketchup)

    www.optimalprograms.com/cut.rbs (for older versions of Sketchup)

  2. The program works only with version 7 (or newer) of the Sketchup. If you don't have this version please download it from: here.

  3. The web version of the Sketchup does not support plugins! You need either Sketcup Make (from 2017) or Sketchup Pro.

  4. Read the instructions for installing Ruby Plugins (Extensions) from Sketchup manual.

  5. In Plugins / Extensions of the Sketchup menu you should see a submenu called Cutting Optimization pro exporter

  6. Load a model (structure) in Sketchup.

    The model must meet some basic requirements:

    An example of a 3D model can be found here (click for download).

    Another example with 2 materials can be found here (click for download).

    sketchup cutting optimization pro

  7. Select the components and groups that you want to export.

  8. Press Plugins/Extensions | Cutting Optimization pro from Sketchup menu.

  9. You will be asked for various info. If you want to change the language, you must restart the Skechup for seeing the strings in the new language. Press OK.

  10. If the export was successful, then a message will appear that contains the file name and the path where the data have been saved. The file has the same name with the Sketchup file, but with xml extension (which is the native extension for Cutting Optimization pro and Simple Cutting Software X files). The folder where the file is saved is the same with the folder where the Sketchup file is located.

  11. Now you can load the .xml file in Cutting Optimization pro (like a Demand). You need at least version 5.x of the Cutting Optimization pro. If you have an older version please download a newer one from here. Any version of Simple Cutting Software X should be able to load the xml files.