Cutting optimization software in action ...


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Cutting Optimization pro - basic optimization


Fractional input

Cutting Optimization pro - manual arrange after optimization

Linear (1D) optimization with Cutting Optimization pro

Moving parts between sheets

Exporting parts size from Google Sketchup models to Cutting Optimization pro

Load from Excel, Copy-Paste from Excel

Advanced import from Excel

Optimization rolls / Magnifying a sheet

Working with products

Triming sheets with defects

Working with edge bands

The management of extra components

Restore an old inventory

Deleting multiple rows once

Simple Cutting Software - basic optimization


Simple Cutting Software - fractional input

Real Cut 1D - linear optimization

Load from Excel, Copy-Paste from Excel in Real Cut 1D

Find the optimal length of bars in Real Cut 1D

Cost optimization in Real Cut 1D

Fractional input in Real Cut 1D 10

Advanced import from Excel in Real Cut 1D 10

Speed test for Real Cut 1D on a large data set

Real Cut 2D