Simple Cutting Software v3

We are happy to announce version 3 of our Simple Cutting Software.

There are many new things here, such as:

– a new column in the Parts table where you can specify a color for each piece. This will help you to better visualize diagrams.
– a new column in the stock table where you can specify the price of the sheet.
– several new buttons in the main toolbar:
– a button for accepting a solution. When a solution is accepted, the utilized parts are deleted and the waste is added to the stock.
– a button for undo accept solution.
– a button with statistics for the current optimization
– a button with interface settings (from here you can change the language)
– a new parameter in the menu Settings : ┬áMinimal useful size. Only wastes larger than this can be added to the stock when the Accept button is pressed.
and many more …

We invite you to download and test this new version of our program.

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