Advanced importing from Excel files in Cutting Optimization pro

We have improved the loading of Excel and CSV files starting with version 5960 of Cutting Optimization pro.

Recall that loading of the parts (the demand) can be done by pressing the Open button from the toolbar of the Parts / Demand table. There you can specify Excel xls/xlsx/csv file type. Loading an Inventory can be done from menu File | Inventory.

From now you can:

– specify columns from which the data are loaded. For that purpose just press the arrows which are in the header (first row) of the table. For instance, if your first column in the Excel file contains the quantity, just select the “Quantity” word to appear in the top of the first column of the “Import data” table.

– ignore some rows which do not contain valid data. For this purpose uncheck the checkboxes from the first column of the table. Ignoring some rows is compulsory if your excel file contains some header rows and some other rows at the bottom of your data (like Date, Signature, etc)

A movie exemplifying these 2 cases is here:

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