Restoring an old inventory

Cutting Optimization pro saves a backup copy of its almost all files.

These copies are placed in the “backup” folder from the working directory (you can find the working directory by pressing menu Settings | Working directory).

In the backup folder are other folders for inventory, materials, edge bands, extra components etc.

Copies of the inventory are saved in the “stock” folder. The name of these files have the following structure:

initial name_year_month_day_hour_minute_second.extension,

where year, month, day, hour, minute, second specify the date and time of saving.

You can easily restore any of the previously saved inventory by taking one of the old files and by copying its content to the existing inventory file.

Now, you can restore an old inventory with few clicks.

– Go to menu History | Inventory. A list of files should appear. There is a table which has the file name on the first column and date of creation on the second column.

– Select the desired file. At the right (in the preview table) you may see its content.

– Press button Restore.

that is all … below is a short movie:

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