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Moving demand pieces between multiple sheets

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Starting with version 5601 of Cutting Optimization pro we have introduced the ability to move parts from one sheet to another.

There is a temporary panel (placed in the right side of the image) which is used for this purpose.

Here are the steps:

– Run the optimization.

– Drag any piece (from a sheet) to the right panel (in is a grayed area at the right of the sheet). A label with size of the piece (i.e. 100×200) should be created there. Drop the piece on the panel.

– Switch to another sheet where you want to place the piece.

– Drag the piece from the temporary panel to the new sheet. Drop it in the waste where you want to have it.

that is all!

here is a short movie with this operation:

Working with products in Cutting Optimization pro

Monday, July 9th, 2012

I have just created a short movie showing how to work with products. You may watch it here:

Products in Cutting Optimization pro is a feature that will reduce the time spent to enter repetitive data in Cutting Optimization pro.

Imagine that you created a chair, or any other furniture. You know its components. You know that it has a part of 1000×500 size and 2 parts of 500×500.

If your customers want that chair, you have to introduce its sizes multiple times (once for each customer).

If you use products, you could introduce the sizes only once … and then you may added it to demand each time you need it.

Here are the steps for creating and using a product.

1. Go to menu Products | Show products.

2. Create a new product by pressing button “+”. Give a name to product.

3. Add the components of product in the table below. This has a similar structure with the Demand table from the main window of the Cutting Optimization pro.

4. Press ok. The product has been created and we can use it.

5. Now, assume that a customer wants 2 chairs (your product). Go to menu Products | Add product to demand.

6. From the list of the products select the one that you want to add it.

7. You may specify the quantity (how many copies of that product you want).

8. You may also re-assign the materials that are used to create that product.

9. Press Ok, and the product will be added to the current demand. You will see the sizes of the product’s parts added to demand list.

10. Start the optimization…

Fractional input in Cutting Optimization pro

Monday, July 9th, 2012

In version 5 of the Cutting Optimization pro we have introduced fractional input (i.e. you may introduce 100 1/2 instead of 100.5). The rules are the same as those outlined for our Simple Cutting Software. Please check this post for more details: