Fractional input in Simple Cutting Software

Starting with version 2 of our Simple Cutting Software we have introduced an important feature: the ability to handle fractional values.

For instance, instead of typing 100.5, you may do this more elegantly with 100 1/2 (please note that blank space between 100 and 1/2).

Width, Height of parts and stock can be typed in as fractional values. Also, the parameters of the optimization can be fractional.

Here is a movie showing the new feature:

You cannot specify any value as fractional. For instance you cannot specify 100 1/3, because this means 100.33333333333… and in real-world you cannot cut with this precision.

So, all fractions will be rounded to some value. The rounding parameter is specified in Settings | Round all fractions to.

Rounding happens as follow:

– parts are rounded up (ex: 1/3 is rounded up to 1/2 – the actual value depends on the rounding parameter).

– stock pieces are rounded down (2/3 is rounded to 1/2).

– cutter thickness is rounded up.

– break size is rounded up.

– maximal cut length is rounded down.

One more thing: You cannot mix fractional values with real values (containing the decimal symbol “.”). For instance you cannot specify both 100 1/2 and 510.34 ! Choose one option only and stick with it!

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