About us


Optimal Programs was founded in 2004.

The aim of Optimal Programs is to bring the latest algorithmic developments to the industrial platforms.

Optimal Programs has developed several efficient programs for general optimization, cutting optimization, data analysis, classification, prediction etc.

All Optimal Programs applications are available for free trial download. All trials are fully-featured.


Legal information


S.C. Optimal Programs SRL

Street: Strandului 5

City: Cugir

Zip: 515600



Fiscal ID: -16895042

Reg. No: J01/1128/2004


Bank: Transilvania Bank




Prefered contact address: contact@optimalprograms.com


We usually answer all emails in max. 24 hours since receipt. If you dont receive an answer it means that your server blocks our email address !

We don't send unsolicited emails ... we are not spammers ... so the problem is in your server only! Please contact your email provider to fix that !


Alternatelly you may contact us at optimal.programs@gmail.com , but we don't read this address too often ...

or write us from a free email address (like yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc).